Nestopia UE

Nestopia is a portable NES/Famicom emulator written in C++.

Nestopia UE (Undead Edition) is a fork of the original source code, with
enhancements from members of the emulation community. This includes
support for new platforms, and bug fixes in the emulator core.


July 13, 2015

No news updates have happened for awhile. The project is still alive, but
moving more slowly than usual due to "real life". I said there would be a Windows
binary based on the cross-platform code as soon as SDL 2.0.4 came out, and I'm still
waiting for that. There might be a Mac port done soon as well.

That being said, there are useful new features that have been added since the last
release. More are coming, maybe even some exciting ones. I have things on my list
that will be done in whatever order they happen to be done in.

Nestopia UE will never support noheader roms, but expect NES 2.0 support at some point.

October 13, 2014

1.46.2 is another quick unix-only bugfix release.

September 23, 2014

1.46.1 is out. This is a unix-only release, and only contains small bugfixes
that should have been taken care of before the last release, but weren't. It
happens when you're excited to do a release after over a year. A Windows build
based on the "unix" port is coming, as soon as SDL 2.0.4 is officially released.


Nestopia UE officially supports:

A libretro port is also available.

Download/Source Code

Windows Binaries

If you're a Windows user, download the win32 build:
1.46 win32

Linux and BSD Binaries

The following distributions have packages available:
Arch Linux
Debian (jessie/sid)
Rosa Desktop Fresh
Slackware (Slackbuilds)
Void Linux

Source Code

If you want a source tarball, download it here:
Download 1.46.2

If you're brave or crazy, download the master branch:
Download master

Git Clone

This is the best way to get the latest source code:
git clone git://

To update your source tree later:
git pull origin


Unix Shell:

  - Input config bugfixes
  - Only go fullscreen when the game is actually playing

Unix Shell:

  - Mask Overscan option
  - Disable GUI option
  - Command line interface
  - Scale Factor and Filters can be changed while playing
  - Zapper support
  - Palette and Picture options
  - Ability to turn Vsync on/off
  - Alternate emulation speed
  - libao audio output (handles ALSA, OSS, Pulse, etc)
  - More volume controls
  - Turbo Buttons A and B

  - Ported to SDL 2.0
  - Completely rewrote config file handling
  - Completely rewrote input config and input handling
  - Completely rewrote cheats
  - Removed ALSA and OSS audio output

Windows Shell:

  - xBR dialog now updates video output when options change


  - Ability to load NstDatabase.xml (needed for some games)
  - Overscan masking (themaister)
  - Palette options
  - Zapper support

  - Region detection based on NstDatabase.xml


  - Game Genie sound distortion option
  - Mapper 210 (NAMCOT-175, NAMCOT-340)

  - Hard Drivin' now playable (dragon2snow)
  - Kaettekita Mario Bros. fix (dragon2snow)
  - Fix for rewinder sound issue (steelywing)
  - Typos and syntax error fixes (lioncash)
  - Fix for Mickey's Safari in Letterland (joepogo, james)


Nestopia was written by Martin Freij, and ported to Linux by R. Belmont.